Security of America First's Personal Information

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Security of America First's Personal Information

The degree of success of the banking business largely depends on the ability of the institution to keep bank secrecy. Personal data of customers have a different confidentiality regime, other methods of legal regulation are used in their protection, but the organizational and technical measures applied to protect both data sets may be identical. The only difference is that the standards of protection are established:

  • for personal data;
  • for bank secrecy.

Strict requirements encourage America First to systematically approach the protection of personal data, especially since their leakage carries risks for business reputation and lawsuits related to compensation for damage caused to a citizen.

In the credit institution America First, personal data of citizens are stored in the following information systems:

  • in the general database processing transactions on the accounts of individuals;
  • in the Client-Bank module, other online access systems to accounts;
  • in systems that provide the transfer of funds from a bank card;
  • in accounting systems;
  • in personnel systems (for personal data of bank employees).

In addition, on tangible media, they can be found in credit files, which contain contracts, loan applications, information on pledges and guarantors. Information located on tangible media is the least protected from leaks that occur in the event of misconduct by employees. The system of protection of personal data of customers of America Firstv in this case is built on the basis of control over the actions of insiders by the security services.

Specialists of the have already developed technical systems for the protection of personal data, integrated with the information systems operating in them, ensuring the protection of information related to bank secrecy. As practice shows, external encroachments, hacker attacks on banks are more aimed at information relating to accounts and deposits, it is personal data that criminals are less interested in. 

We carefully monitor the safety of the data of our bank customers!

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